“We intend to relay to our guests, and to everyone, the difficult living conditions of our ancestors and the difference with the present-day technology, by displaying about 1600 pieces of utensils and belongings used by them over centuries.”
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  fethiye, the paradical region and the pearl of the Mediterranean, has 71 villages. The Kargı Village is one of them, renowned for its oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, olives, honey and the fish. Furthermore, the Akmaz beach does not exceed the height of a man even if you wade in 50 meters and the golden sand of the Karataş Beach is quite famous.


   Our village has gained fame with the citrus trees, ample sources of water and with its grenery, where most of the population are farmers. There is a 6 km. coastline where the sands are gold in colour. Also, there is a canyon of l.5 km. at our village, similar to Saklıkent. Our village is not clumped with concrete buildings. On the contrary, it is in natural surroundings with lots of orchards and a clearn sea.

Kargi Beach -2km, 5min
Calis Beach -4km, 8min
Fethiye - 12km, 15min
Ölüdeniz -25km, 25min
Saklıkent -40km, 50min








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